2F Museum Facilities

sisak ikor tumpu
Special Exhibition Room (2F)

Coming Soon

5th Seasonal Exhibition “A Night at the National Ainu Museum”

Past Exhibition

7th Special Exhibition “Ainu History from the Perspective of Archaeology and Historical Studies: The Path to the 19th Century”

Past Exhibition

National Ainu Museum 4th Seasonal Exhibition “akanto un kotan REGIONS The Ainu Culture of Lake Akan”

Past Exhibition

National Ainu Museum’s 5th Special Exhibition, Ikor uekarire – Collecting Ainu Materials

Past Exhibition

CHIRI MASHIHO: A Passion for the Ainu Language

Past Exhibition

National Ainu Museum 2nd Special Exhibition “GOLDEN KAMUY turano apkas=an ― In the footsteps of Saichi Sugimoto and Asirpa”

Past Exhibition

National Ainu Museum 1st Seasonal Exhibition Ikor: The Materials and Techniques of the National Ainu Museum Collections

Past Exhibition

SASUYSIR — A Culture We Will Foster: Preserving Ainu Culture for Future Generations

Current special exhibition

No special exhibitions are currently scheduled.

Upcoming special exhibition