1F Museum Facilities

inoka nukar tumpu
Theater (1F)

Short films introducing Ainu culture

Entry to the 96-seat theater is included with admission to Upopoy. Short films introducing various aspects of Ainu culture are shown on the large screen, with two 20-minute programs currently being shown. Ainu history and culture gives an overview spanning from when humankind first arrived in the Japanese archipelago to the present day. Ainu crafts gain worldwide attention introduces some of the 10,000 items relating to the Ainu that have been collected by museums in Europe and the USA since the 18th century.

Theater Program/Timetable

  • “Ainu History and Culture”

    • 1F/Theater

    In this film, animals closely associated with Ainu culture look back on the time when humans first settled the Japanese archipelago and explain the history and culture of the Ainu people. It’s easy to understand for children and adults alike.

  • “Ainu Crafts Gain Worldwide Attention”

    • 1F/Theater

    Today, museums in Europe and the United States house some 10,000 Ainu artifacts. This film features Ainu collections displayed at museums in Russia, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, and highlights present-day relations between Ainu and researchers in various countries.

apa sam
Entrance Lobby (1F)

Exploring Ainu tradition through technology

General information about the museum is available at the main entrance and digital displays give an overview of the museum in Ainu and other languages. Facilities such as coin lockers and digital signage can also be found in this area. On the way to the exhibition room on the second floor, the six-screen Guide to the Land of Ainu Culture tells the story of Ainu culture through history and provides information on places to experience it today. After visiting the exhibition, visitors can learn more about Ainu culture and sightseeing in different areas of Hokkaido using the 80-inch touchscreen panel.

kampisos nukar tumpu
Library (1F)

Texts that tell the story of Ainu history and culture

The library is a special library focusing on books about Ainu culture and history. It is open to the public. The collection of books is the perfect way for visitors to learn more about exhibits and activities that captured their interest. A range of resources are provided for people of all ages interested in expanding their knowledge about the Ainu and other indigenous peoples around the world, from books to academic papers, picture books, and collections of photographs. (Library Books can only be read in the reading space There is no loan service.)